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The “You can homestead” workshop series.

Workshop #1
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The “You can homestead” Workshop series.

Join us at the Cornerstone Organics yurt for a series of homesteading workshops! Every workshop has hands on activities and take homes, light snacks and refreshments, and tons of homesteading knowledge.

-Workshop #1 February 24 1-3pm

Sourdough Starter with Humairah from The Sourdough Loaf & More

Carbs are bad for you! Carbs aren’t healthy! Carb free diets! Seems like carbs get the blame often.

Have you thought of exploring and experimenting with healthy carbs?
Do you want to embark on a journey to have a healthy relationship with carbs?

Well, this your chance to join me for a sourdough starter workshop!

Learn about fermenting your carbs and turning it into delicious baked goods.

As a mom of 5, I like to teach my children how we can have a healthy relationship with carbs! Fermenting, exploring different flours & using traditional methods!

Come explore how to start a sourdough starter, maintain it, using different flours, tips and tricks as well as trying out some delicious baked sourdough goods!

$50 Workshop includes:
Jar of starter
Sampling of sourdough baked goods
On going online support
& much more.

 -Workshop #2- March 9 and 16 1-4pm

Soap Making with Clara Champagne- two part workshop.

Learn how to make soap! 2-part workshop

Learn how to make soap!
2-part workshop
"In the 1st part, you will learn the basics of soap formulation, lye safety and design.
In the 2nd part, you get to put it into practice and make your own batch of soap with guidance from experienced soapmaker, me! :)"


Workshop #3 - March 23 or 30 1-4pm

Preserve your Harvest with Cat from Halfway Homestead.

“Preserve Your Harvest”
Intro to Pickling, Fermenting & Water Bath Canning

 Cataline from Halfway Homestead will show you how to preserve the vegetables of your labor.

We will explore some traditional ways to make your fall harvest last well into the winter.

 An intimate, hands-on kitchen setting- we’ll be making a fermented kraut, a pickled vegetable and canning using water bath technique.

Take home a can of pickles and ferments and the knowledge to preserve your harvest this year!

$60/ person, includes 2 cans, snacks and samples. Please chose March 23 or 30.

-Workshop #4 April 13 1-4pm

Gardening for everyone with Jaime and Matt from Cornerstone Organics

Join Matt and Jaime from Cornerstone Organics for an intensive but fun afternoon of all things gardening. They will cover many topics like planning and getting your spring garden ready, fertilizer, transplanting, organic pest management, succession planting, companion planting, tons of tips and tricks, and lots of time to ask your questions. You will go home with some seed starts and Microgreen kits to get your garden going! And of course Jaime will have some gluten free treats to snack on while you learn. $60


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