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The “You can homestead” workshop series.

Workshop #1
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The “You can homestead” Workshop series.

Join us at the Cornerstone Organics yurt for a series of homesteading workshops! Every workshop has hands on activities and take homes, light snacks and refreshments, and tons of homesteading knowledge.

-Workshop #1 April 15th 12-4pm.

Fermentation  part 1. Sourdough with Cat from Halfway homestead and Humairah from The Sourdough loaf & more.

Learn the ways of sourdough!
The nutritional value, the taste, the texture and the beautiful, crowd-pleasing results.
From the steps to make a classic loaf of sourdough bread, to using sourdough culture in popular desserts and dishes.
This workshop welcomes all levels of sourdough bakers:
Basic methods from making your own starter to step by steps of loaf fermentation.
We will also dive a little deeper into common challenges that can come up and how to conquer them and treat them as learning experiences.
Participants are welcome to bring their own loaves, starters and concoctions for sharing or trouble-shooting. Let’s learn, grow and rise together.
This workshop includes a sourdough starter and many delicious samples.

-Workshop #2 - April 29th, 12-4pm.

Learn how to make your own homemade soap with Clara from Cats  and Crows.

Learn to make cold pressed soap at home with natural ingredients! 

- Lye safety.

- Soap formulating

- Hands on soap making

- Take your soap home!

-Workshop #3- May 13th 12-4pm.

Fermentation part 2- fizz, sour, and tang with Cat from Halfway homestead and Humairah from The Sourdough loaf & more.

The fizz , the sour and the tang continues!

Want to take skills home whether you live in the city or country… start fermenting!

Come join us for a introduction to kombucha, sauerkraut and basic water bath canning!

If you attended our last fermenting session, feel free to attend again or bring your ferments along and let’s troubleshoot together !

There will be extra time for those who need some input on their already fermented products or on their journey!

Refreshments will be served.

-Workshop #4 May 20th 12-4pm.

Gardening for everyone!

Join Matt and Jaime from Cornerstone Organics for an intensive but fun afternoon of all things gardening. They will cover many topics like planning and getting your spring garden ready, fertilizer, transplanting, organic pest management, succession planting, companion planting, tons of tips and tricks, and lots of time to ask your questions. We will also be doing as much hands on in the gardens as possible (depending on weather).